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  • Kitchen Design Essex: How To Select The Right Kitchen For Your Home

    Kitchen design Essex companies are in high demand as people look to achieve perfectly designed kitchens that play to the unique strengths of their home. Such home improvements can dramatically increase the value of the property, as well as making the kitchen a warm and pleasant place to be. But deciding on the right type of kitchen can be quite a challenge. While experts can help you to narrow down your choices, you’re the one who has to make the decision about how you want your kitchen to look going forward. So how do you select the right kitchen for your home?

    Kitchen Design Essex

    What Is The Design Process Offered By Kitchens Essex Based Companies?

    The term ‘kitchen design’ is bandied around a lot and, on the face of it, there seems to be an obvious definition for what this means: designing the look of a kitchen. While that is essentially true, it does undersell the value and importance of being able to envision a unique, well-designed kitchen in a property. That’s because there are so many ideas and beliefs surrounding what makes for a well-designed kitchen. And on top of that, there’s not just the layout to consider, but materials, surfaces and appliances also need to be taken into account when thinking about designing bespoke kitchens Essex way. Additionally, you may not want to completely transform your kitchen. Perhaps there are some aspects of the room that you like and want to retain? Moreover, if you’re looking to sell your property in the near future, you’ll want to avoid making major design changes that, while appealing or helpful to you, may be off-putting to most buyers. And even if you want to fully transform your kitchen, you need to think about more than just style – there’s also efficiency, worktop space, storage, lifestyle considerations and types of appliances required that need to be negotiated. These are the factors that professional, bespoke kitchen designers Essex way will help you to consider. As such, kitchen design Essex based services are important in assisting you and others to consider not only how a kitchen can enhance a property, but how it can fit in with what owners want their kitchen to do.

    Different Types Of Designs Offered By Kitchen Design Hornchurch Companies

    While bespoke kitchen design will focus on the unique properties of the space and how best to utilise it, there are definitely different types of basic kitchen layouts that are often most favoured by kitchen design Hornchurch companies. These layouts are often centred on the efficiency for preparing and cooking meals – often in the form of what’s called the ‘work triangle’. This is when the fridge/fridge-freezer, hob/cooker and sink are joined by invisible lines to form a triangle that is thought to be the marker of an efficient kitchen. The different type of layouts often offered by a kitchen designer in Essex can include the one-wall kitchen – suited to smaller spaces – such as flats where cabinets and appliances are mounted on one wall. This layout is also well suited to open-plan designs. The L-shaped kitchen, a great idea for small homes that need to accommodate families, utilises two connected walls and can often feature the addition of an island (or a dining table) to give the walk space between the worktops the distinctive ‘L’ shape. This is very similar to island kitchens – which often require a bit more space to accommodate a larger island for storage, a sink and extra countertop space. Galley kitchens are one of the most beloved layouts. Perfect for smaller spaces, it consists of two parallel walls with the walkway in-between. A G-shaped kitchen is a great open-plan design where the worktops are formed into a G-shape (or a C-shape) to create an enclosed space with the walkway in the middle of the shape. Lastly, the U-shaped kitchen – also referred to as the ‘horseshoe’ layout – sees table tops and appliances placed against three walls to form a U-shape.

    Choosing The Best Of The Kitchen Companies Essex Wide For Your Project

    After you’ve decided on the right design for your kitchen, it’s time to find a company to install it. While many people focus on the look of their kitchen, they can sometimes be less discerning when it comes to their kitchen fitter. But a brand new kitchen can go from a dream come true to a nightmare in no time at all with the wrong installer. Not only can appliances be installed poorly, or worktops not fitted to the exact measurements necessary, but your installers may even try to hit you with a larger bill than expected. Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid this issue. When you get any work done on your home, always get a quote in writing that is fully itemised and will not include hidden fees. You’ll also want to establish a payment plan in advance – ensuring that both parties know how the bill will be settled and when. You’ll also want to check their accreditations. Any good kitchen companies Essex way that provide installations will be able to show you qualifications or accreditations from trusted industry watchdogs and trade bodies. And, finally, there’s experience. Fitters with years of experience are able to adapt to any unforeseen problems because they will have seen and dealt with it all. Thankfully, if you’re looking for kitchen installation and kitchen design Essex based specialists, you needn’t look far. At Upminster Kitchens and Bedrooms Ltd, we’ll work with you through the whole process of your perfect kitchen: from manufacture to design and installation.

    Upminster Kitchens And Bedrooms Ltd Providing Kitchen Design Essex Wide

    Unlike many other kitchen designers or kitchen installers in Essex, we work with customers to create their perfect kitchen from beginning to end. We’ll work with you to design or re-design your kitchen before manufacturing the furniture and supplying appliances and accessories from some of the world’s most famous brands. From there, we’ll install everything to exacting standards and tidy up after ourselves – leaving you with the kitchen of your dreams. So if you’re seeking great kitchen design Essex wide, get in touch with Upminster Kitchens and Bedrooms Ltd – a Which? Trusted Trader. To find out more, simply visit us at https://www.upminsterkitchensandbedrooms.co.uk, email us at info@upminsterkitchensandbedrooms.co.uk or via our online form, or give us a call on 01708 852858.